Specifications & Features


  • Low inertia
  • Mounted high resolution serial encoder: 20-bit
  • Maximum Speed: 5000 rpm
  • Wide Selection: 1 - 7kW
  • Holding Brake and Shaft Seal options available
  • Protective Structure: IP67


Time Rating: Continuous Withstand Voltage: 1500 VAC for one minute (200-V class)
1800 VAC for one minute (400-V class)
Vibration Class: V15 Enclosure: Totally enclosed, self-cooled, IP67
(except for shaft opening)
Note: IP22 for SGMSV-70 servomotors.
Insulation Resistance: 500 VDC, 10MΩmin. Ambient Humidity: 20% to 80% (no condensation)
Ambient Temperature: 0 to 40ºC Drive Method: Direct drive
Excitation: Permanent magnet Rotation Direction: Counterclockwise (CCW) with forward run reference when viewed from the load side
Mounting: Flange-mounted Thermal Class: F