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iQpump1000 - YAIALL



iQpump1000 - Overview

Three (3) Pump Control Modes

  • Simplex Control
  • Single Drive with Constant Speed Lag Pump Multiplexing (Up to 5 Lag Pumps)
  • Drive to Drive Multiplexing (Up to 8 Lag Pumps)

Pump Specific HOA Operator with Real Time Clock

  • 5-line, 16-character alpha-numeric display with time and date stamping for events, along with timer controls for starting, and stopping.

Pre-Configured Pump Application Macros

  • Choose from 5 pre-configured pump application macros allowing for a simple and easy setup by the user or technician. Each application has a dedicated pump quick setup menu allowing for easy parameter entry by following the prompt questions.

Selectable and Custom Engineering Units

  • Allows for an easy process system unit configuration of LCD keypad display to match the pump control such as PSI, GPM, and Feet.

Loss of Prime / Dry Run Protection

  • Loss of prime protection is a feature to protect the pump and motor from damage that would be caused if the pump were operated without water. If a pump were to lose prime and continue to operate without water moving through the pump, the pump would develop heat, which would eventually damage the pump seal, motor, pipe manifold and related components.

Sleep Mode Minimum Flow

  • Protects and shuts down the pump at low speeds or in low flow conditions.

Pre-Charge Control (Controlled Pipe Fill)

  • This programmable feature eliminates water hammer and extends system life by gradually filling a pipeline before normal full pressure and fl ow operation. Pump motor speed can be controlled with a system timer, level or pressure control device to indicate when normal operation may begin.

Hard Current Limit

  • As the pump impeller wears over time, it changes the efficiency of the pump. Therefore, in order to maintain a constant pressure or flow the pump speed will increase resulting in greater motor amps.

Pump Alternation

  • Whether it’s a duplex or a quadplex system, the pumps will be exercised evenly to ensure that they receive equal run times, thereby increasing the life cycle of the pumps and motors

Parameter Storage and Removable Terminal Board

  • Allows for easy replacement of control card without removing control wires, and stores all drive settings without the need for a copy device.

Power Quality

  • Built-in DC reactors (30 HP and larger) provide input harmonics benefit, and protection from input disturbances. Integrated 12 Pulse version (480V, 40 HP and larger) provides a cost-effective solution for low harmonics.

Dynamic Noise Control

  • Monitors the load at all times and reduces the output voltage automatically, reducing motor audible noise.

Networking Options

  • Industrial Communication
    • Modbus RTU (built-in)
    • DeviceNet
    • EtherNet/IP
    • Modbus TCP/IP
  • Building Automation Networks (BAS)
    • BACnet
    • LonWorks
    • Metasys (N2)
    • Apogee (P1)