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Sigma SD Spindle Motor

Sigma SD Spindle Motor

Sigma SD Spindle Motor



Sigma SD Spindle Motor - Overview

Sigma SD spindle motors are a proven success in the machining industry's most sophisticated equipment. This distinction comes from their ability to function with precision at extremely high speeds, while also responding readily to the low speed, high torque demands of tapping and other specialty applications.

  • Wide power range
    Up to 45kW in 200 VAC. Up to 22kw in 400 VAC
  • High speed motor
    Shortens cutting times, boosts throughput and maximized productivity
  • Low intertia performance
    Maintains precise speed control despite rapid changes in spindle speed
  • Optimized spindle motor
    Improved winding design and cooling structure produce high efficiency, reduced weight
  • 200% of continuous power for 10 seconds
    Provides higher accel and decel rates reducing cycle times
  • Gain switching
    Creates easier transitions between gain levels, improving spindle orient function and enhancing rigid tapping performance