Yaskawa Electric has been part of the world market for nearly a century now, and like a good wine it only continues to get better with time. From its inaugural appearance on the scene beginning in 1915 until its current presence, Yaskawa has made great strides forward both as a corporation and within the products they manufacture.

Yaskawa has gone from producing basic three-phase induction motors and low-voltage magnetic contactors nearly 90 years ago, to present day, where new state-of-the-art U1000 Industrial Matrix inverter drive is sweeping the industry because of it’s power quality and energy savings.

Regardless of the advancements that have taken place over time, there is one thing that hasn’t changed and that’s Yaskawa’s commitment to quality. Yaskawa is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products on the market and is willing to stand behind them with guarantees. Its Yaskawa’s continued success and outstanding reputation that is driving Yaskawa to the top and taking customers along for the experience.

Factory Automation

  • Yaskawa Electric Corp. Celebrates 100 Years
  • Sigma-7 Servo Products released
  • Mike Knapek named as CEO
  • U1000 Industrial MATRIX Drive released
  • Z1000U MATRIX Drive released
  • D1000 Regenerative Converter released
  • R1000 Regenerative Unit released
  • MP3300iec Machine Controller released
  • V1000-4X released
  • A1000 released
  • One Millionth Inverter Manufactured in the USA
  • Name change to Yaskawa America, Inc.
  • Junma released
  • Sigma-5 with Indexer released
  • Sigma-5 with Safety released
  • Z1000 released
  • P1000 released
  • iQpump1000 released
  • MP2600iec Machine Controller released
  • MP3200iec Machine Controller released

Performance Solutions

  • Linear Sigma Trac
  • G7 three-level control inverter
  • DriveWizardTM software
  • Ethernet communications
  • E7, P7, and F7 inverter drives
  • E7B and E7L bypass assemblies
  • IPM motors
  • DriveWorksEZTM
  • 12- and 18-pulse inverters
  • Direct Drive Motors
  • SMC-4000 Multi-axis machine controller
  • LEGEND digital torque amplifier
  • Mechatrolink II communication
  • YTerm Software
  • Sigma II large capacity servo
  • MP2000 series controllers
  • Application-Specific robot designs (EA and ES)
  • E7N Narrow Bypass Package
  • V1000 inverter drive
  • J1000 inverter drive
  • Sigma-5
  • MP2300Siec Machine Controller
  • MP2310iec Machine Controller
  • MotionWorks IEC Pro Software
  • Sigma-5 with EtherCAT
  • Linear Sigma Trac SGT

Factory Automation and Mechatronics

  • Specialized AC linear motors
  • Motoman K series
  • G3, G5 & P5 inverter drives
  • Clean robot
  • Vacuum transfer system
  • Parallel computer/controllers
  • SMC-2000 and HR MCs
  • Industry-leading multiple robot control
  • Mechatrolink high speed digital communication
  • Sigma II Servo System
  • M5 and MC5 spindle drives
  • Open architecture technology
  • Medium voltage SF6 fault current limiting device
  • Special purpose semiconductor actuators
  • MotionSuite MP900 series machine controllers
  • V7 and J7 microdrive inverters
  • MotionWorks+TM programming software

Factory Automation

  • AC servomotors
  • Vision system
  • Intelligent color CRT display for plant system control
  • ACGC (Advanced Color Graphics Computer) for user-programmable CNC
  • AC inverter drive product for continuous casting systems
  • MEMOCON-Gl Series
  • Submersible SF6 gas load break switches
  • YASNAC i Series CNC
  • Sigma Series AC Servo System
  • Vacuum motor
  • Patented on-the-fly winding change drive
  • Introduced IGBT PWM inverter

Industrial Automation

  • YASNAC CNC System, using microprocessors
  • CAM-driven type sequence programmers
  • Pole-mounted SF6 gas load break switches
  • Multi-function MEMOCON PLCs
  • Sewage treatment control systems
  • World's first general purpose transistor inverters
  • Motoman industrial robots
  • Mico YASNAC NC
  • YASNAC B Series
  • Vertically-jointed, articulated Motoman L Series
  • DC brushless motors for spindle drive
  • BestactTM reed switches
  • Vector control inverters

Industrial Electronics

  • 12,000kW electric products for blooming mill
  • Minertia motors
  • Introduction of Mechatronics
  • Clapper-type, high voltage air magnetic contactors
  • SF6 gas rotary-arc technology
  • Print motors
  • Minicomputer, MEMOCON 2000
  • Super Minertia motors
  • Cup motors
  • Hard-wired CNCs
  • Moto-fingers, moto-arms, moto-hands
  • Yaskawa Electric America, Inc. is founded
  • Electrical products using MEMOCON Controllers for automatic charging apparatus for blast furnaces


  • Sectional drive electrical products for papermaking machines
  • Magnetic timers
  • Introduced technology of DC machines from BBC
  • Hi-line steel encased motors
  • Remove monitoring systems for water supply
  • Developed DC servomotors
  • VS eddy-current motors and drives

Motors & Controllers

  • Electrical control systems for blast furnace charging
  • Super synchronous motors
  • Overall control equipment for coal mining
  • Clapper-type low-voltage magnetic load breakers
  • Electric copy lathes
  • Speed control equipment for cement kiln

Initial Stage

  • Three phase induction motors
  • Liquid resistors
  • Low-voltage magnetic contactros with silver contacts