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System Components

System Components

System Components - YAICAL


D1000 is an active rectifier for the purpose of supplying DC power to a multidrive system. Because it is an "active" rectifier, the D1000 is capable of both bidirectional power flow (motoring and regenerating), and low input harmonics. Ranging from 5HP to 750HP, D1000 is an excellent choice for powering such systems.

R1000 is an attractive solution for single drive applications that regenerate more than what's desired for dynamic braking, and is available in ratings from 3.5kW up to 300kW.

In addition to drives and drive packages, Yaskawa offers the following solutions for dynamic braking, full regeneration, and common bus supplies.

The Single Phase Converter changes single phase AC power into DC power for Yaskawa's variable frequency drive families. The Single Phase Converter solves many single phase motor control application problems from power quality to harmonics.