MPiec Series

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Control capacity is the hallmark of the MP3200iec controller, with a maximum of 62 axes of motion control and as many as 8 slots for option modules.


The MP3300iec controller offers the most advanced control technology in the MPiec line, plus control for 62 axes of motion and up to 8 slots for option modules.


The time-tested reliability of MP2310iec is available with motion control to 16 axes and 3 slots for option modules.


The MP2300Siec is a controller with a single option module slot and up to 16 axes of motion control.


The MP2600iec saves control cabinet space by combining a servo amplifier and machine controller in one unit, featuring 1.5 axes of motion control.


A controller and amplifier in one, featuring an advanced Sigma-7 SERVOPACK amplifier combined with a single-axis controller to maximize control panel space and system affordability.