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MotionWorks IEC

MotionWorks IEC

MotionWorksIEC - YAIMOB



MotionWorks IEC - Overview

Robot Support

  • Plug-and-play configuration and control of articulated robots, gantry robots and delta robots and custom robot mechanisms.

Custom Kinematics

  • Allow users to create and configure their own custom robotic mechanisms, significantly simplifying the process of specifying everyday motion.

Standard Programming Languages

  • Programs are standardized per IEC61131-3 standard. This increases program predictability and re-usability as well as reduces error and waste of human resources.

Tangent Axis Following

  • Enhances the ability of automated shape cutting equipment to smoothly follow complex contours.

Reusable Motion Libraries

  • Draw from an extensive collection of automation logic developed by Yaskawa experts to accomplish common tasks, or import your own previously developed logic.

PLCopen Function Blocks

  • Yaskawa's Function Blocks are developed to comply with PLCopen standards while preserving the motion algorithms developed over decades of Yaskawa motion control expertise.

HMI Tagging Tool

  • Supports easy tagging of Maple Systems, VIPA, Beijer, Red Lion and EXOR HMIs.

Cam Tool Software

  • The Yaskawa CamEditor is included with MotionWorks Pro v3.0.3 and above. It is the recommended tool for cam profile generation. For all other versions of MotionWorks IEC, the CamTool is available.

RS-274 G-code available with all Yaskawa kinematic libraries

  • Full 6 degrees of freedom (REQUIRES the 5-Axis Simultaneous Control Toolbox and the MP3300iec-ER controller)
  • Linear interpolation, circular interpolation, and tangent following
  • Work coordinate system offset and tool offset
  • Pause, continue and feed-rate override

Note: Some features listed above are not available with MotionWorks IEC Express. Please check the software release notes under the software tab for deatils.