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U1000 Industrial Configured

U1000 Industrial Configured

U1000 Industrial Configured - LH - YAIALL



U1000 Industrial Configured - Overview


  • Low input current harmonics
  • Facilitate IEEE 519 Compliance
  • High efficiency design
  • Full regeneration
  • Industry leading low input current harmonics across the entire speed/load range
  • Industry leading efficiency across the entire speed/load range
  • Eco-Mode achieves near across-the-line iTHD
  • Provides extra energy savings as compared to other low harmonic solutions
  • Near unity true power factor at full load
  • High reliability with an MTBF of 28 Years
  • Embedded Modbus RTU Communications
  • Supports all major network Communication protocols
  • Embedded Functional Safety (Safe Torque Off: SIL CL3, PLe, Category 3)
  • Induction and permanent magnet motor control
  • Closed or open loop vector control for outstanding regulation, torque production, and position control capability
  • Continuous auto-tuning optimizes performance by compensating for changes in motor temperature
  • DriveWizard Industrial computer software and application sets for easy configuration
  • Embedded function blocks, programmable with DriveWorksEZ, provide additional application flexibility and the opportunity to eliminate separate controllers
  • USB Copy Unit and Keypad configuration storage provide speed and convenience for duplicate configuration of multiple drives