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May 2024

 Power quality, harmonics: How to select a variable frequency drive (VFD)

Part 2: Understand the advantages of 36-pulse input drive topology in medium-voltage (MV) motor applications and how medium-voltage VFD design mitigates harmonics and improves power quality.

 Yaskawa Earned NFSB Triple Crown Award for Exceptional Service

Organizations who annually earn all three NFSB Awards receive NFSB Triple Crown status for continuously exceeding customer expectations.

 The latest digital transformation (DX) initiatives

While most organizations are prioritizing DX efforts, few have fully leveraged cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies so essential to DX operational efficiencies. Now, that could be changing.

April 2024

 How to choose a VFD for medium-voltage motors

Understand the advantages of multi-level output drive topology in medium voltage (MV) motor applications. Motor insulation reliability and reflected waves: What to consider when selecting a variable frequency drive (VFD).

March 2024

 Yaskawa's Holiday Hours

View our upcoming holiday hours.

January 2024

 Vote for Yaskawa: Leadership in Engineering Awards 2024

Voting is now open for Design World's 2024 Leadership in Engineering award!

 More answers on software tools you need when working with AC drives (VFDs)

Yaskawa’s Michael Hall joined Control Engineering for a November 16 webcast on software tools for working with AC drives (VFDs). Questions submitted by the audience that were not answered during the live event are provided.

 Motors and drives: Three topics in energy efficiency

Industrial energy efficiency is important for machine design as measurements for motor and drive efficiencies show.

 Using a VFD to Troubleshoot Pumping Problems

Four different case studies explain how understanding the system is important for troubleshooting.

 Stay Connected with Yaskawa Motion

Quarterly news designed to give quick updates regarding servo motors, amplifiers, and machine controllers.