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November 2022

 Yaskawa Announces New Training Site

Yaskawa America, Inc.’s Technical Training Services (TTS) department is proud to announce the launch of “Learn with Yaskawa,” a Learning Management System.

 Yaskawa More Than Doubles Learner Adoption to Manufacturing Customers in 4 Months

Yaskawa America’s customer training program ensures that customers know how to use, program, and get the maximum value out of their Yaskawa products, ensuring they have all the information they need to become happy, loyal customers.

October 2022

 HV600 Family of Drives Expanded

Enhanced Environmental Protection with UL Type 12 Products

August 2022

 Food Grade and Hygienic Stainless Motors Now Available

Yaskawa now offers a range of food grade and hygienic servo motors for use with the Sigma-7 line of SERVOPACKs. 

 Americans Want Clean Energy Products Made in the USA and That Goal is Now Within Reach

For the first time in years, solar manufacturers have a reason to be hopeful about their industry taking off in the United States.

 Podcast: Save Energy, Increase Reliability with the Yaskawa FP605

The Yaskawa FP605 Variable Frequency Drive is a powerful, versatile, and thoroughly supported fan and pump controller that will maximize motor operation in virtually any application or industry.

 Understanding the wiring and programming of a labeler application

Tutorial: Labeling machines are commonly used as part of the packaging process and must be precise. The setup process for wiring and programming can be complex; here’s how make it simpler.

June 2022

 Yaskawa Launches New Energy Efficient Drive

FP605: A New AC Industrial Fan & Pump Drive Solution For All Environments 

 Questions answered to demystify servo sizing

Extra questions about servomotor sizing are answered here, from a May 17 webcast, archived for a year. More help includes related services and software, more servomotor sizing errors and information needed for servomotor sizing.

 Direct-drive servo tutorial, application update

Solving low speed rotary servo applications with direct-drive motors avoids hidden initial costs, while saving money over the life of the machine. Example shows $73,000 annual savings on a widget-making machine.