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Learn with Yaskawa  “Learn with Yaskawa” is a learning management system for delivering many Yaskawa product training programs and is 100% focused on your product training needs.

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Training Catalog - Learn with Yaskawa

Training Catalog

The Yaskawa training catalog holds full details for training classes both scheduled and not scheduled. Choose a class that interests you, review the description, select a session, register and pay the tuition fee using a credit card. It’s that easy!

In-Person Classes - Learn with Yaskawa

In-Person Classes
Held at the Yaskawa America, Inc. Headquarters (HQ) training facility in Waukegan, IL, in-person class size is limited to ensure the most effective learning occurs between the student and the instructor and to follow current COVID protocols.

Live Online Classes - Learn with Yaskawa

Live Online ClassesLive  Online Training
Performed in the Yaskawa virtual training room, live online classes allow students to virtually attend a factory level training class that has traditionally been held in the Yaskawa HQ training facility. No traveling required!

Class size is limited to ensure the most effective learning occurs between the student and the instructor.

Each student will need a laptop with a camera and microphone, an internet connection, and a quiet place to learn.

  • Drive Classes - We will ship a demo unit directly to each student before the class begins. The demo will require 120V.
  • Motion Classes - We will connect you into a demo package that is located at our HQ facility in Waukegan, IL.

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