Savings Debit Card Program

The Debit Card Program allows you to purchase a specific number of days of training at a discounted price. The card can be used by a single person or a group of people within the same company to attend training. The card is valid for one year from the purchase date and may be used to attend any scheduled training class held at the Yaskawa America, Waukegan, IL training facility.

  • 10 days for $1,750 ($175/day)
  • 20 days for $3,000 ($150/day) 

Savings Example:

Without debit card
  • 3 days of training class costs $735 ($245 x 3 days)
  • $735 x 6 employees
Total = $4,410
With 20 day debit card
  • Each day of training costs $150
  • 3-day training class costs $450 ($150 x 3 days)
  • $450 x 6 employees
Total = $2,700
SAVE $1,710
Like buying 4 and getting 2 Free!
 Have a question? Call 1-800-YASKAWA (927-5292), dial 41

Free Refill Program

Many times a student may have attended a training class but is unable to work with the equipment right away and can use a refresher course. Technical Training Services will provide a One Year “Free Refill” Guarantee to tuition-paying students that have attended a normally scheduled Drives or Motion Control product training class held at the Waukegan, Illinois training facility. This guarantee allows any student to re-attend the same training class within one year, completely free of charge at Yaskawa in Waukegan, Illinois.

Training classes held at the customer’s site or Road Show training classes are not included as a part of this guarantee. Costs associated with student travel, hotel, meals or any other logistics are not covered by this guarantee. A student may re-attend a training class free of charge a maximum of one time.

Reward Voucher Program

As a way of thanking the students attending Yaskawa Training Classes, we provide the student with a reward voucher that has a serialized activation code on it, as well as a login name and password. The student goes to to log in and view a number of different one voucher through four voucher gifts they can request. Gifts include a travel mug, flashlight, knife, baseball hat, USB drive, multi-tool, backpack and Yaskawa America, Inc. logoed apparel. Students enter their name, address and activation code and receive their gift through the mail.