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HV600 Redundant

HV600 Redundant

HV600 Redundant Drive - YAIMOB



HV600 Redundant - Overview

The HV600 Redundant configured package is a flexible, sustainable, and easy-to-use solution.

Package Features

Drives for Every Environment

  • UL Type 1 Enclosure
  • UL Type 12 Enclosure

Flexible Solution

  • -10 °C to +40 °C ambient
  • Common power & Control options

Pre-engineered Package Standard Features

  • Lockable Main Input Disconnect Switch
  • Semiconductor Fuses for each VFD
  • 115 Vac Control Transformer, Fused
  • Selectable Manual or Auto Transfer
  • Drive A-Auto-Drive B Switch
  • Hand-Off-Auto Switch
  • Single Input/Output Wiring Points
  • Single Control Wiring Point
  • Two Door-Mounted Keypads
  • Standard Damper Control Circuit with End of Travel Feedback with Two Adjustable Wait Time Functions

Pre-engineered Package Optional Features

  • Lockable Circuit Breaker
  • Custom Nameplate
  • Optional Communication (Fieldbus) Modules
    • BACnet/IP
    • EtherNet/IP
    • LonWorks

Drive Features


  • 10-year maintenance-free operation
  • Built-in (5% split or 3% positive bus DC link choke) line impedance for harmonic reduction
  • Compliance with global certifications and standards
  • Conformal coating for circuit board protection

Simple Operation

  • High-visibility status ring
  • Hand-Off-Auto (HOA) keypad with LCD display and tactile buttons
  • Compatible with all major network communication protocols

HVAC Applications

  • Fans
  • Cooling Towers
  • Pumps
  • Multiplex Pumping

HVAC-Specific Application Software

  • Damper Control
  • Emergency Override
  • Motor Preheat
  • Motor Protections
  • Hunting Prevention
  • Output Disconnect Detection
  • Power Loss Ride Through
  • Built-in HVAC Fieldbus Communications Protocols
    • BACnet MSTP
    • Metasys N2
    • Modbus RTU

Quick and Easy Set-up

  • Simple steps for efficient commissioning
  • Convenient programming without main power
  • Operates induction, permanent magnet, and synchronous reluctance motors
  • DriveWizard® Mobile app for drive management on smart mobile devices