Sigma Trac II


Linear Stage Model ST2F- A1A A2A A3A A1D A2D A3D
Mounted Linear Motor SGLFW2- 30A070 30A120 30A230 30D070 30D120 30D230
Time Rating Continuous
Thermal Class


Insulation Resistance 500 VDC, 10 MΩ min.
Withstand Voltage

1,500 VAC for 1 minute

1,800 VAC for 1 minute


Permanent Magnet
Cooling Method Self-cooled
Protective Structure IP00
Environmental Conditions Surrounding Air Temperature 0°C to 40°C (with no freezing)
Surrounding Air Humidity 20% to 80% relative humidity (with no condensation)
Installation Site
  • Must be indoors and free of corrosive and explosive gasses.
  • Must be well-ventilated and free of dust and moisture.
  • Must facilitate inspection and cleaning.
  • Must have an altitude of 1,000 m or less.
  • Must be free of strong magnetic fields.
Shock Resistance Impact Acceleration Rate 196 m/s2
Number of Impacts 2 times
Vibration Resistance Vibration Acceleration Rate

49 m/s2 (vertical, side-to-side, and front-to-back)