Rise above the desktop: Shaky, imprecise desktop machines become robust industrial performers with motion control that overcomes vibration, boosts speed and gets you ready for tomorrow's hybrid technologies.

Advance the industry standard: Industrial quality printers benefit from Yaskawa's smooth and precise motion, plus worldwide support that distinguishes your machine in a crowded marketplace.

Yaskawa supplies both, innovative technology in motion control and factory automation, deploying advance tools for multiple machine mechanisms in a single environment. We're listening and welcome new ideas and challenges.

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Visit our Additive Manufacturing industry page.

Read our published article "Forward in 3D: Rise Above Challenges in 3D Metal Printing" In Fabricating & Metalworking (2021).

Watch video on Non-planar 3D printing using Yaskawa Motoman GP12 from USC Viterbi School of Engineering.

Application Spotlight: Sky's the limit

Application Spotlight: 3D Printing trendsetter

MP3300iec: G-code Meets Industrial Strength IEC Control

  • Continue using RepRap G-codes within a professional IEC 61131-3 programming environment
  • Stream large G-code files from a host PC without excessive buffering
  • Step up to an industrial strength machine controller, built for reliable connection and easy field service
  • Ready-made tools, bed leveling surface compensation, extruder advance pressure control, temperature and stepper control
  • Control of extruders and auxiliary stepper axes
  • Learn more about MP3300iec.

Sigma-7 SERVOPACKS for Superior Surface Finish

  • World class vibration suppression cancels out machine resonances
  • Built-in ripple compensation yields a smoother finished part
  • Industry-leading 3.1 kHz frequency response
  • Multi-network capable: MECHATROLINK-III, EtherCAT, Modbus, Analog and Pulse
  • Built-in safety features with IEC 61508, SIL 3 Safe Torque Off
  • Learn more about Sigma-7 SERVOPACKS.

Sigma-7 Servo Motors: Step Up to Smoother Speed

  • Industrial quality servos eliminate stepper motor torque ripple
  • Ramp up machine acceleration for faster move to point speed and higher print resolution
  • 24-bit absolute high resolution encoders for axis and extruder accuracy, synchronization and jam protection
  • Super low 0.007% failure rate, documented in tough machine tool applications
  • Learn more about Sigma-7 Servo Motors.

Control Many Devices with the Same G-code

  • A complete family of robots for additive/subtractive manufacturing and material handling
  • MPP3S Delta robots
  • GP7, GP8, GP12 and GP25 articulating robots
  • Any type of gantry, T-Bot and H-Bot robotic mechanisms
  • Sigma-7 Servo Systems: fast and precise rotary, direct drive and linear models, with advanced auto-tuning software
  • Learn more about MotionWorks IEC.

Turn Key Solutions for High Speed & Repeatability

  • Yaskawa Sigma Trac II linear motor stages with speeds up to 5 m/s
  • Short lead time, built to order in the USA
  • Easy installation, just bolt it in
  • XY kits & optional accessories available
  • Learn more about Sigma Trac II

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