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Title: SigmaWin+ Ver.7
Number: SigmaWinPlus_Ver.7
Date: 05/10/2024
Description: SigmaWin+ Ver. 7 for Sigma-7 and Sigma-5 SERVOPACKs
Rev Number: 7.45
Language: English
Doc Type: Software
Doc SubType: Engineering Tools

Product Information

Product Group: Servo Products
Product Line: SGD7S Analog, SGD7S EtherCAT, SGD7S Mechatrolink-III, SGD7W Mechatrolink-III, SGDV Analog, SGDV MECHATROLINK-II, SGDV MECHATROLINK-III, SigmaWin Plus 7 Software, SGD7S MP2600iec, SGD7S Sigma-7Siec, SGD7W EtherCAT, SGD7S Option Type, SGDV Indexer, SGDV EtherCAT, SGDV MP2600iec, SGDV SigmaLogic, SGDV Mini, SigmaLogic7 Compact, SigmaLogic7 Modbus, SGD7S EtherCAT with FSoE, Food Grade, Hygienic Stainless