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Title: Sigma-7 Servo Systems Technical Supplement
Number: YAI-KAEPS80000123
Date: 07/15/2024
Description: This document covers detailed specifications of the Sigma-7 Servo Family of Products.
Rev Number: J-38
Language: English
Doc Type: Catalogs - Brochures - Flyers
Doc SubType: Catalogs

Product Information

Product Group: Servo Products, Controllers
Product Line: SGD7S Analog, SGD7S EtherCAT, SGD7S Mechatrolink-III, SGD7W Mechatrolink-III, SGLF Series, SGLG Series, SGLT Series, SGM7A Sigma-7, SGM7G Sigma-7, SGM7J Sigma-7, SGM7P Sigma-7, SGMCS Direct Drive, SGMMV Sigma-5 Mini, SGD7S Sigma-7Siec, SGD7S MP2600iec, SGM7F Direct Drive, SigmaLogic7 Compact, Sigma-7Siec, MP2600iec, S7A Gear Motors, S7G Gear Motors, S7J Gear Motors, S7P Gear Motors, SGM7D Direct Drive, SGLF2 Series, Sigma Trac II, Hygienic Stainless, Food Grade, SGM7E Direct Drive, SGM7E Sigma-7