Bestact Reed Element

Models & Ratings

Application Medium - Capacity Type Large - Capacity Type Remarks
Type R 25 R 15 -
Contact Arrangement 1NO 1NO
Rated Insulation Voltage *1 250VAC 250VAC Power Frequency
Rated Continuous Current *2 3A 5A  
Rated Operational Current *3 AC 240V 0.5A 240V 1A Inductive Load (AC50/60Hz)
DC 115V 0.3A 115V 0.5A, 230V 0.2A Inductive Load (Medium-Capacity: L/R=40ms, Large-capacity: L/R=100ms).
Maximum Making Current *4 240VAC 15A 240VAC 30A Power factor 0.3 to 0.4 (AC50/60Hz)
Maximum Breaking Current AC 240V 15A 240V 30A

Power factor 0.3 to 0.4 (AC50/60Hz)

DC 115V 0.5A 115V 0.6A
230V 0.4A
Medium-capacity: L/R=40ms
Large-capacity: L/R=100ms
Minimum Operational Power Ratings *6 24V 1mA 24V 1mA Failure Rate λ60 = 4.6x10-9 (/time) or less *7
Withstand Voltage Across Conacts 500VAC for 1 minute 800VAC for 1 minute Power frequency, leakage current: 5mA
Insulation Resistance 109 Ω or greater 109 Ω or greater with 500VDC Megger
Initial Contact Resistance 500mΩ or less 500mΩ or less 6VDC 1A
Operating Characteristics Pick-up Magnetmotive Force 100 to 130A 180 o 230A Yaskawa standard coil is of 3000 turns, 33.5 lon, 10.5mm I.O. with 0.2mm dia. wire
Drop-out Magnetmotive Force 50A or greater 60A or greater  
Operating Time 4ms or less (Bounce Time not included) 5ms or less (Bounce Time not included) at 150% of pick-up ampare turn using standard coil (Equipped with a flywheel diode)
Releasing Time 2ms or less 3ms or less
Mechanical Life Over 100,000,000 operations Over 100,000,000 operations -
Mechanical Performance Vibration Resistance 147/s2 {15G} 196m/s2 {20G} 20 to 1000Hz
Shock Resistance 196/s2{20G} (980m/s2{100G}) 392m/s2{40G} (980m/s2{100G}) Value in parenthesis indicates breakdown G
Terminal Drawing Force 98N {10kg f} 98N {10kg f} -
Ambient Temperature Operating Temperature -50 to +150°C -50 to +150°C -
Storage -60 to +180°C -60 to +180°C -

Note: Ratings and specifications are defined according to IEC 62246-1.
*1. Rated insulation voltage is the voltage value which is the standard of insulation design and defined by the withstand voltage test.
*2. Rated continuous current is the current value which can be energized continuously without exceeding the allowable temperature rise under the condition without breaking contacts.
*3. Rated operational current is the current value which is combined with a rated operational voltage and used in regulated conditions (making/breaking current, switching frequency and electric switching durability).
*4. Maximum making current is the current value which enables 10 times making at 240VAC and PF: 0.3 to 0.4 by referring to IEC PAS 62246-2-1.
*5. Maximum breaking current is the current value which enables 10 times breaking at 240VAC and PF: 0.3 to 0.4 by referring to IEC PAS 62246-2-1.
*6. Minimum operational power ratings are the values which can be surely energized under the regulated load conditions that the class of contact reliability keeps a failure rate 0.005 (time/106) or less. In circuit with photo coupler, 5V 10mA can be used for digital application.
*7 Refer to page 11 of the Bestact manual.