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Mining - YAIMOB

Application Documents

Application Overview for Compressor Applications

This document provides a general application overview andis intended to familiarize the reader with ...

Application Report Tram Line in Mining Operation

Doc describes Mining Tram Line for moving gypsum to great lakes freighters

Application Report Long Motor Leads

Document describes installation issues with long cable runs between motor and drive.

Application Report Adjustable Frequency Principles

Document describes AC Drive basics.

Application Report Variable Frequency Drives

Document describe principles of VFDs in AC Motor Speed Control.


GA800 Variable Speed Drive Selected Honorable Mention of Engineers' Choice Award

GA800 Variable Speed Drive was selected as the honorable mention of the 2020 Control Engineering "Engin ...

First Look Video by Design World Featuring GA800 Drive

This Design World video features Yaskawa’s new GA800 AC drive that is designed to control traditional a ...




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