Temporary COVID-19 Shipping Policy

Aug 28, 2020

Effective 08/28/2020

Our Yaskawa business continues to operate with numerous new procedures in place for worker, customer, supplier, transporter, and visitor health being the paramount concerns. Doing this while still manufacturing at the highest quality level in the world and providing services to our customers 24/7 has been interesting, to say the least. We are sure all of you have had your own mountain of challenges during these times.

We have had two business conditions that have experienced large shifts from the recent past that are impacting our ability to meet your expectations. One is a huge rise in orders requested for same day/next day shipment. The other is a significant reduction in the reliability of logistic services: trucking availability, air freight delays, component/raw material delays, worker flexibility, etc. The combination of these two circumstances has caused us to make a change to our shipping policy:

  • All shipments targeted as same day/next day, order may take 48 hours to ship out
  • Emergency Breakdowns will still be processed ASAP.

We certainly understand the risk aversion in uncertain times to maintain local inventory for many of you. Yaskawa has maintained the same inventory level as before the pandemic to service you.

In our new COVID-19 world, we are adapting and doing our utmost to avoid disappointing you, while coping with the new business realities we are faced with.