Yaskawa Compass


Easy Configuration for quick start projects

  • Save time with built-in configurations. Choose from a variety of pre-developed, ready-to-use programs for 3D printers, routers and other popular machine types. Each configuration draws on extensive Yaskawa experience with applications like yours.
  • Screen layout stays naturally neat. Compass is built around a column-based format, so screen elements always stay in good order.
  • Start with a style library. Choose from several pleasing groupings of complementary colors and shapes to establish a professional look.
  • Simple, quick customizing. Easily amend a style library to match your company’s custom colors and logos, enhancing a machine’s brand identity.

Powerful customization capabilities for more demanding applications

  • Speed up development with prebuilt plug-ins. Commonly requested special functions for advanced manufacturing and shape cutting are already installed in Compass and ready to implement without additional programming. A partial plug-in list is included with this brochure.
  • Develop your own plug-ins within Compass. Use the Compass interface to create your own custom screen functions, then store and utilize them in a future machine or in other Compass projects.
  • Complete freedom to write your own code. Compass will integrate your existing computer code, preserving your company’s existing software assets. Feel free to implement new ideas by creating and implementing additional C# content.
  • Shorten your development path with Yaskawa support. The Yaskawa team of programming experts are standing by as a ready resource, able to create CNC and G-code programming and implement changes to existing content. You can go forward with the reassurance that the most capable team in the motion automation industry is solidly behind you.


A simple, yet highly configurable HMI for CNC Applications

  • Simple icon menus
  • Landscape or portrait display orientation
  • Multiple machine type capable
  • Easy configuration options, including user defined panel layouts, pop up dialog boxes, buttons, graphics, Boolean functions, machine specific plug-ins
  • Use company logos, colors to enhance OEM branding
  • Auto, MDI and jog modes
  • Pop-up NC editor
  • Active G/M mode
  • Axis position registers
  • Work and tool offsets
  • Pop-up window features: alarms, warnings, user defined messaging
  • Alarm history

Growing list of Yaskawa CompassTM ready IEC Toolboxes and Code

  • Custom G-code, Mcode and Macro
  • Bed leveling surface compensation
  • Extruder advanced pressure control
  • Temperature control
  • Stepper control
  • Tagential control
  • Multi extruder and spindle control
  • Registration offset
  • Tool changer
  • Drill pocket bank