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Product Transition Tools

Product Transition Tools

We have created a variety of tools to help you transition to the Sigma-5 and MPiec products. Download Product Migration Announcement

  • Sigma-5 to Sigma-7 Transition Guide (Doc# 14H-001)
  • Sigma II to Sigma-5 Conversion Guide (Doc# PL.Sigma-5.01)
  • Sigma-II, LEGEND, Sigma III to Sigma-5 CN1 Options (Doc# TN.MCD.14)
  • Sigma-5 SGDV Mounting Adapter Plates (Doc# TG.MCD.11.421)
  • SMC3010 Conversion: Comparison of the SMC3010 and the MP2600iec controllers (Doc# PN.MP2600iec.01)
  • SMC3010 Conversion: Chart for I/O wiring conversion from SMC3010 to MP2600iec (Doc# PN.MP2600iec.02)
  • SMC3010 Conversion: SMC commands compared to IEC and PLCopen functionality of MotionWorks IEC (Doc# PN.MP2600iec.03)

Contact your local Yaskawa representative with any additional questions regarding product transitions.