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Limit Switches

Limit Switches

Limit Switches - YAI


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Specifications & Features

Limit Switches - Overview


  • Complete flood tight and gas resistance:
    • Outstanding environmental immunity is assured by employing flood tight, corrosion-resistant construction and through use of heretically sealed contact
  • Long-term maintenance free:
    • This is achieved through the combination of the actuator exhibiting high mechanical strength as well as internal vane-action magnetic proximity switch featuring high electrical reliability, assuring long-term maintenance-free operation
  • Powerful contact:
    • Inductive load of 115VDC 0.3A can be directly controlled without using an amplifying relay or protective circuit
  • No contact chattering:
    • Since large actuator movement is considered in design, the switch is not ill affected by operational shock or vibration. Therefore, electrical circuit can be simplified
Common Specifications (For all models)
Enclosure: Floodtight type (IP56) *5
Rated insulation voltage: 250V
Rated continuous current: 3A
Operational power ratings: 240VAC 0.5A, 115VDC 0.3A, 48VDC 0.5A
Withstand voltage: 500VAC for 1 minute across contact, 1500VAC for 1 minute across contact to ground
Operating temperature: -10 to +80°C
Storage Temperature: -25 to +90°C
Maximum recommended speed of actuation: 100m/min *6
Operating frequency: 3600 times/hour
Mechanical life: 5,000,000 operations or greater
Electrical life: 240VAC 5A making 0.5A breaking, 1,000,000 operations or greater (inductive load), 115VDC 50mA, 5,000,000 operations or greater (inductive load)
Lead-in method: PF 1/2 (13 diameter hole)