How to cut costs and maximize production with servo automation

Oct 16, 2016

A 2x4-ft. piece of lumber is the construction industry's ultimate commodity, which is why a leader in the lumber industry is using sophisticated automation to gain a competitive advantage for this price-sensitive product.

Creating a solution with automation

WaneShear Technologies creates the sawmill machinery that puts a finished edge on dimensional lumber to create straight, clean, high-grade 2x4-ft., 2x6-ft., 2x8-ft., and larger boards. The equipment created by WaneShear's Ukiah, Calif., location has the challenge of processing this consistent product from rough lumber that was sawed from raw logs, which can vary widely in width and length before entering the edging machinery. The technical challenge increases because of the constant need to increase production volumes made necessary by the pressure to maintain profitability amid fluctuating prices in the volatile construction industry.

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