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Lower Your Operating Costs with Variable Frequency Drives

Lower Your Operating Costs with Variable Frequency Drives

Variable frequency drives (VFD) are reliable electronic devices that control three-phase electric motor speed. They are used in building automation, industrial, pumping, agricultural, irrigation, and water/wastewater applications to control the speed of fans and pumps in various systems. The payback period for installing drives is usually less than three years and can be less than a year.

Drives do more than reduce energy cost:

  • Drives reduce fan noise and duct rumble, thus reducing tenant complaints.
  • Drives reduce amps during motor starting, lowering demand charges; another significant part of the electric bill.
  • Drives are less expensive to maintain than mechanical controls.
  • Drives inherent soft-starting reduces wear and tear on motors, sheaves, belts, couplings and other system components.
  • Drives provide accurate and repeatable control of HVAC settings, eliminating frequent readjustments.

Financial Incentives and Rebates
Some utilities offer rebates for installing our drives in new or retrofit work. Upgrading with VFDs is a major part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s effort to improve energy efficiency. In addition to making good business sense, installing drives demonstrates corporate environmental consciousness.

Note: As incentive and rebate programs change, the above links may not be updated. Please check with your local utility company for verification.

Energy Savings Predictor (ESP) Software with Carbon Footprint Calculation
Controlling your applications with our drives can save you energy and reduce your operating cost. To complete your energy estimation all you need is your customer information, utility information, and systems specifics to calculate energy savings and carbon emissions for single or multiple systems. View System Requirements

Energy Savings Worksheet
This worksheet helps you calculate the energy savings for centrifugal fans and pumps. Compare VFD performance to other methods of volume control (based on motor output or horsepower). All you need are motor horsepower, the cost per kWh of electricity, total hours of operation per year, and the alternative to VFD control (inlet guide vane, outlet damper, ride the fan curve, discharge valve, bypass damper, bypass valve or no control).