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A Great Brand is...

A Great Brand is...

the Backbone of a Successful Company

What comes to mind when you think of brand marketing? Is it a logo, slogan, or maybe the company colors? It is actually all of those things and more. Brand marketing is a way of identifying your business. And is it how customers recognize and experience the passion and spirit of Yaskawa every day.

Many times a great brand is not made overnight, it is something that is born and continues to grow day by day. The brand is the style that sets a company apart from others. It is the uniqueness and value that the company, its employees, products, and services share with its partners, customers, and suppliers as well as the general public.  

Good brand marketing increases the value of a company because you are providing employees with direction and motivation, as well as leaving a memorable impression with your customers. It is a way of distinguishing ourselves from the competition and clarifying what it is you offer that makes Yaskawa the better choice.  

So a strong brand like Yaskawa is more than just a logo, slogan, or color. It is an important part of everything that the company does and it is an essential part of a company‚Äôs identity. And it's reflected in everything you see from the Yaskawa sales team, promotional items, products, customer service, uniforms, training, business cards, and even the Yaskawa premises. A great brand is the backbone of a successful company and the foundation of sharing the Yaskawa story.  

As we enter into 2022, what will you do to share the Yaskawa brand? Many of you may have plans already in place and whether it is an open house, golf outing, advertising campaign, or promotional program, Yaskawa would like to know of it. We have a 2022 marketing calendar to keep track of all of the activities so that we can share and participate appropriately. Please take a moment and complete the short questionnaire or reach out to to discuss further. This will be a big help to Yaskawa marketing as we prepare accordingly to help share the Yaskawa brand with you in 2022!

Share Your 2022 Marketing Plans

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