Greg Davies

GregMeet Greg Davies

Greg Davies is a Product Training Instructor at Yaskawa. He recently shared some insights on his tenure with us.

In January 1989, Greg joined the relatively new Yaskawa AC drives group headed by Tom Doll at MagneTek in an “over-the-phone tech support” role.

At the time, I expected to learn a lot about a product I knew very little of, to grow with the small group I was starting with and, to have fun with a really great group of people. We grew fast and I became Engineering Supervisor of our start-up design group (Dave Cmelak and Sheridan Ripplinger). Together, we designed the first Configured Bypass product line up which in turn led to the group’s first real in-house manufacturing operation. It eventually became our Oak Creek facility.

My role expanded quickly as Yaskawa grew as a company.

As we continued to grow I became Engineering Manager, then Director of Operations for the New Berlin facility. As we outgrew the New Berlin facility, I was part of the team that selected Oak Creek as our new home and continued to grow to fill this facility.

Then I hit the road – literally – sharing my expertise in operations and as a product trainer.
I did a short adventure as director of Operations of our new group in Calgary. Now, I am the product trainer for our road shows, working with our Distributors to set up and perform training classes around the US and Canada.

Twenty-eight years after joining Yaskawa, I still enjoy the challenge.

I stayed because my time here has continued to meet my expectations. I have continued to learn and grow with the organization and have a whole lot of fun. And, I work with a bunch of wonderful people from the manufacturing floor to the customer and everywhere in between.