Sarah Kulas

Meet Sarah Kulas

Sarah Kulas is the eMarketing Manager at Yaskawa. She recently shared some insights on her tenure with us.

In February of 1992, I accepted a position in the Customer Service Group at MagneTek, a Yaskawa drives brand labeler. The group was responsible for checking stock, taking orders, answering customer questions, and working with outside sales to address and resolve any customer issues. Performing those functions was very different back then as order and stock checks were performed using dummy terminals connected to main frames, order confirmations were delivered by paper, and a microfiche machine was used to look up really “old” products. At the time, I am not sure what I expected except that I enjoyed the people that I worked with focusing on providing good customer service and had opportunities to learn new things, especially when PCs and email were introduced.

In the late nineties, new technology was introduced to streamline business processes and improve customer satisfaction and I was selected to participate as a lead in my first IT project, an ERP implementation. It was during that project that I realized I had a passion for learning and implementing new technology to solve problems and improve customer satisfaction. It was due to the support from Yaskawa and my managers throughout the years that it served as the catalyst for the transition into my current role. As business technology is always changing, my role encourages me to learn new tools and trends and to rethink the way business can be done. I enjoy hearing from customers, my team, and the many teams that we interact with and learning from those interactions.

While Yaskawa has changed the way it conducts business and the products that it offers, it has not changed the focus on listening and improving the customer experience and the commitment to employees which is part of the reason why I stay. The other part is that I work with a great group of people, both colleagues and customers that I consider to be my Yaskawa family.