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How Do You Share Yaskawa?

How Do You Share Yaskawa?

Do you like to create your own marketing materials to share the Yaskawa brand and AC drive products?  Perhaps you have a specific segment that you are focused on growing in your territory. You may pair an AC drive with additional value added products that you also market. There are many forms of marketing materials that you may need. It could be a brochure, website page, presentation, video, banner or advertisement.

Or maybe you have a tradeshow event or golf outing on your calendar!  Sharing the Yaskawa brand is fun and it’s even better when you can do it live, together, standing next to one another. Whether it is teaching a customer how to start up a GA800 or where to find our DriveWizard Mobile app, the reality of being in person once again is really starting to happen… and it’s awesome! 

Remember we make the complicated simple. So whatever you are creating or participating in, we want to make sure you have the right Yaskawa information and appropriate tools so that the brand and product information is shared in the correct manner. 

Reference the Distributor Brand Guidelines*, which was created specifically for you, our valued partner.  It shows the do’s and don’ts for the Yaskawa logo, placement suggestions on materials, links to our social media platforms and more. It is your best resource for learning how and when to use the Yaskawa brand in your business. It is exciting times, and It’s Personal to us! We are so thankful for our great distributor partners and customers. Should questions arise as you create your marketing needs, feel free to reach out to

*Partner Login Required (Page not available on mobile, visit via desktop or tablet)

As we enter into 2022, what will you do to share the Yaskawa brand? Many of you may have plans already in place and whether it is an open house, golf outing, advertising campaign, or promotional program, Yaskawa would like to know! We have a 2022 marketing calendar to keep track of all of the activities so that we can share and participate appropriately to support your events. Please take a moment and complete the short questionnaire or reach out to to discuss further. This will be a big help to Yaskawa marketing as we prepare accordingly to help share the Yaskawa brand with you in 2022!

Don't forget to share your 2022 marketing plans!