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Using a VFD to Troubleshoot Pumping Problems

Jan 18, 2024

An important lesson to learn when working on, applying and technically supporting variable frequency drives (VFDs) is that the VFD is only one part of an overall system. The overall system has a desired operational purpose, and in order to achieve this purpose, all the parts that compose the system must be installed and utilized correctly and operated within their individual limits. The system can be simple, with only a few components and variables, or complex, with multiple variables and a complex assembly of various components.

To better understand the pumping system, there are many professional geologists, metallurgists, hydrologists, chemists, well drillers and operators who contribute to the overall knowledge of this application. It should be encouraged to attend some of the professional lectures available to hear them speak firsthand about how individual parts of the system can have a profound influence on operational results.

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