Regenerative solutions

Jan 02, 2019

Maintaining highly efficient operations is important in today’s industrial market. Moreover, users are searching for ways to not only make their systems operate efficiently, but also provide a financial benefit. The financial benefit is materialized in saving regenerative energy.

Most systems use dynamic braking resistors to mitigate regenerative energy. However, a resistor’s method of regenerative energy mitigation is to burn off the energy as heat. In essence, this energy is wasted. Instead of wasting this energy, many users are implementing regenerative solutions.

Regenerative solutions are a safe method of directing energy back onto the line. These systems can pay back the cost of the regenerative device and the variable frequency drive (VFD) operating the motor. Common regenerative solutions include fundamental front ends, active front ends, and matrix drive technology. Each of these systems is differentiated by the benefits it provides, in addition to redirecting regeneration. These additional benefits include harmonic mitigation, improved power factor, increased efficiency, simplified installation, integrated motor control, and compact size.

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