How to kill your favorite variable frequency drive

Jul 18, 2018

Though not a complete list, following are some tried-and-true methods some have unintentionally used to destroy variable frequency drives (VFDs). Avoid the following situations to help your VFD live a long and fruitful life.

You once loved your VFD. Shiny and new, it earned rebates from the local power-supply company so happy to see your facility becoming more efficient (by consuming less power during lightly-loaded conditions). The VFD also earned accolades for driving its connected motor in a way that was electrically and mechanically gentler than alternatives. Plus with its Ethernet option board, it tied into your facility’s ever-expanding network of devices.

But now, the VFD’s reliability has worked against you, and your coworkers think that it will never break down — and that they don’t need you anymore. So now you must kill that once-loved VFD before there are more of them. Just trip on a fault would be insufficient because you need it to die. But how?

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