Save Energy with an R1000

May 07, 2019

Unlike dynamic braking resistors, which dissipates all braking energy in the form of heat, the R1000 regenerative unit avoids wasted energy by delivering it back to your power source for use by other loads. The R1000 is a safer solution for regeneration when compared to the open heating element used in dynamic braking resistors. The energy put back onto your power source will lower your utility bill, which will pay back the cost of the R1000 and drive running the motor in a short period of time. Let our R1000 selection guide assist you.


  • Power Range:
    • 240V: 5 HP to 150 HP
    • 480V: 5 HP to 500 HP 
  • Dual power rated
  • Overload capability of 150% for 30 seconds
  • 0.9 power factor at full load
  • Compatible with all conventional drives having full power access to DC bus

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