Yaskawa Cable and Terminal Block Update

Jun 20, 2019

Yaskawa JUSP, CBK, SBK, and JZSP changed from combined cable and terminal block kits (one part number) to separate cable and terminal block part numbers.

  • All replacement part numbers are the equivalent of their predecessors in terms of form, fit, and function
  • All replacement part numbers will come packaged individually instead of together
  • Updated drawings may be created upon request
Old Kit Part # New Cable Part # New Terminal Block Part #
JUSP-WA50P-01 CBL-WA50P-01A 50036746
JUSP-WA50P-02 CBL-WA50P-02A 50036746
JUSP-WA50P-03 CBL-WA50P-03A 50036746
JUSP-WA50P-D50 CBL-WA50P-A5A 50036746
CBK-U-MP2C-01 CBL-MP2C-01C 60372501
CBK-U-MP2C-03 CBL-MP2C-03C 60372501
CBK-U-MP2C-A5 CBL-MP2C-A5C 60372501
CBK-U-MP2B-01 CBL-MP2B-01A 60372471
CBK-U-MP2B-03 CBL-MP2B-03A 60372471
CBK-U-MP2B-A5 CBL-MP2B-A5A 60372471
CBK-U-MP2A-01 CBL-MP2A-01A 60372499
CBK-U-MP2A-03 CBL-MP2A-03A 60372499
CBK-U-MP2A-A5 CBL-MP2A-A5A 60372499
SBK-U-VBA-01 CBL-SBK-01A 60372493
SBK-U-VBA-03 CBL-SBK-03A 60372493
SBK-U-VBA-A5 CBL-SBK-A5A 60372493
CBK-U-MP2C-01(A) CBL-MP2C-01C 60372501
CBK-U-MP2C-03(A) CBL-MP2C-03C 60372501
CBK-U-MP2C-A5C CBL-MP2C-A5C 60372501
CBK-U-MP2B-01(A) CBL-MP2B-01A 60372471
CBK-U-MP2B-03(A) CBL-MP2B-03A 60372471
CBK-U-MP2B-A5C CBL-MP2B-A5A 60372471
CBK-U-MP2A-01(A) CBL-MP2A-01A 60372499
CBK-U-MP2A-03(A) CBL-MP2A-03A 60372499
CBK-U-MP2A-A5C CBL-MP2A-A5A 60372499
SBK-U-VBA-01(A) CBL-SBK-01A 60372493
SBK-U-VBA-03(A) CBL-SBK-03A 60372493
SBK-U-VBA-A5(B) CBL-SBK-A5A 60372493
CBK-U-MP2C-01C CBL-MP2C-01C 60372501
CBK-U-MP2C-03C CBL-MP2C-03C 60372501
CBK-U-MP2B-01C CBL-MP2B-01A 60372471
CBK-U-MP2B-03C CBL-MP2B-03A 60372471
CBK-U-MP2A-01C CBL-MP2A-01A 60372499
CBK-U-MP2A-03C CBL-MP2A-03A 60372499
SBK-U-VBA-01(B) CBL-SBK-01A 60372493
SBK-U-VBA-03(B) CBL-SBK-03A 60372493
SBK-U-VBA-A5C CBL-SBK-A5A 60372493
SBK-U-VBA-01C CBL-SBK-01A 60372493
SBK-U-VBA-03C CBL-SBK-03A 60372493
JZSP-CK10D-01 CBL-WA50P-01A Cable Only - No Terminal Block
JZSP-CK10D-02 CBL-WA50P-02A Cable Only - No Terminal Block
JZSP-CK10D-03 CBL-WA50P-03A Cable Only - No Terminal Block
JZSP-CK10D-D50 CBL-WA50P-A5A Cable Only - No Terminal Block
JZSP-CK10D-01(A) CBL-WA50P-01A Cable Only - No Terminal Block
JZSP-CK10D-02(A) CBL-WA50P-02A Cable Only - No Terminal Block
JZSP-CK10D-03(A) CBL-WA50P-03A Cable Only - No Terminal Block
JZSP-CK10D-D50(A) CBL-WA50P-A5A Cable Only - No Terminal Block

These part number changes are identified in product note PN.IOTB.01.