Yaskawa Exhibited at AHR Expo 2020

Dec 19, 2019

Yaskawa AHR boothIn addition to a complete range of drives for HVAC applications, our booth featured the HV600, the newest variable frequency drive designed specifically for HVAC applications. Booth# 471 displayed our Z1000U Matrix drive, product demos, education presentations, and our factory experts answered many questions.

Yaskawa Booth Presentations

At just 10 minutes each, we presented the following information in our booth to eager audiences!


  • About Yaskawa America, Inc.
  • HV600 HVAC Drive Features & Benefits
  • Fan Arrays
  • Z1000U HVAC Matrix Drive Features & Benefits
  • HV600 HVAC Bypass Features & Benefits
  • HV600 BACnet Communications
  • DriveWizard Mobile

We even had special giveaways for those attending and asking questions during these in-booth presentations!

AHR Presentations

BACnet 101:An Introduction to BACnet presented on 2/3/20 by Edward Tom, Yaskawa Product Manager
BACnet is a highly used open building automation protocol that continues to grow. This session taught about the basic building blocks and design philosophy that has made and continues to make BACnet so popular. We shared how BACnet can help you now and into the future as the Building Internet of Things (B-IoT) continues to grow. View Details

ECMs and VFDs: Past, Present, and Future presented on 2/4/20 by Larry Gardner, Yaskawa Product Manager
Electronically commutated motors (ECMs) are getting a lot of notoriety recently. This session included a bit of history of this decades-old basic technology, how it has changed, and where it might be going. In addition, it covered some pros and cons of ECMs versus VFDs in HVAC applications. View Details

Check out for all the highlights from booth# 471 at AHR 2020 and the Latest Technology in Variable Frequency Drives!