Why eLearning About VFDs (and other technical topics) just may fit the bill

Jan 21, 2020

It is a universal truth that training for your employees and staff is a good thing. Finding the time and money to send people off for training … well … not so much. Budgets are tight, people are too busy to be away from their primary responsibilities, and many people don’t like to travel to faraway sites no matter how necessary the training might be.

As a technical trainer for variable frequency drives (VFDs) you won’t hear me bad-mouthing in-person training as probably the best method of presenting large quantities of mostly new information to groups or individuals. But the reality of life is that there just isn’t always the time and money available for it.

Enter eLearning. Like all things in modern life, the internet has changed the game when it comes to training people on technical topics. Admit it: The last time you had to repair something around the house you first did a quick search of YouTube to see if there was a video that showed step-by-step how to fix your exact model. The same thinking can be applied to industrial and commercial devices that are just too complex to be intuitive.

Here are some important reasons that justify why eLearning should be part of your employee training curriculum.

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