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Repair Procedure

Repair Procedure

Return Number

A Return Number is required before returning an item. The Return Number is issued after receipt of the Customers request, including pertinent details regarding the return and include a Purchase Order for non-warranty repairs. Include the Return number on the shipping container exterior, and Customer packing list. If the item is not received at the factory within 30 calendar days, the authorization to return will expire and the request should be resubmitted.

Information Required

To receive a return for evaluation please email or fax a request to or (847) 785-2713. Please include material number and any failure information with the request. For a non-warranty repair or to receive an advance warranty replacement please send a Purchase Order for the price of repair. Contact customer service at 1-800-YASKAWA (927-5292), dial 3 for pricing or additional questions. Include a copy of the Returns Document with the returned item.

When a potential warranty failure is first encountered, contact the Help Desk at 1-800-YASKAWA (927-5292), dial 31 to reach Tech Support for technical and procedural guidance and issuance of the Return Number.

Warranty Determination

We will repair or replace, at our option, products that are defective in material or workmanship. Warranty consideration will not be authorized if any of the following conditions exist.

  • The unit/part is out of the warranty period.
  • The unit/part is tested and no problem is found (see below regarding inspection fees).
  • Damage indicates that the unit/part failed due to customer negligence or carelessness.
  • Damage indicates the unit/part failed due to improper installation.
  • The unit/part settings were found to be incorrect for the application.
  • The unit/part was damaged in shipping, installation or handling.

Non-Warranty Failures

If the returned item has been determined to have a Non-Warranty failure, a hard copy of your Purchase Order Number will be required to cover these expenses. If repairable, we will offer a flat rate repair quote for your review.

Freight Charges

All inbound freight must be prepaid by the customer. If the return is for warranty repair, we will pay the outbound freight charges. All other outbound freight charges are at the customer's expense. The customer is responsible for all freight charges on non-warranty repairs and all same day or next day premium shipping charges, whether warranty or not.

Freight Damage

We ship f.o.b. point of shipment. Any transit damage requires the customer to arrange for carrier inspection of the item and to file a claim with the freight company. It shipments are f.o.b. destination (UPS) and are received damaged please contact your Customer Support Center Representative for disposition.

Quote Before Proceeding With Repair

We will honor all quote requests. However, if the customer fails to accept quotation within 2 weeks of issue, the item will be returned and an inspection fee will be invoiced.

Inspection Fees

Yaskawa America, Inc. - Drives & Motion Division offers no cost evaluations for most Yaskawa product sent in for repair.

Failure Analysis

Charge for a written failure analysis is an additional $200 net. (Please allow 6-8 weeks for failure analysis process).