Repair Service Benefits

Repair Service Provided Yaskawa Repair Other Repair Facilities Benefit of Using Yaskawa Repair Services
Visual Inspection X X Minimal standard for most repair facilities.
Static Checks X X
Dynamic Checks X X
Noise Checks X X
ESD Protected Repair Department X X
Units are Thoroughly Cleaned X X
Repair Report Included X X
Yaskawa Specified Parts X ? Many repair facilities use non-Yaskawa replacement parts that are cheaper and have a shorter life cycle. Yaskawa Repair utilizes only Yaskawa specified parts.
ISO 9001:2000 Registered Repair Department X ? In addition to being the only Deming Prize winner in our industry, Yaskawa’s Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2000 registered.
Calibrated Repair Equipment X ? Unfortunately, not all repair facilities follow this process.
Yaskawa Trained Technicians X ? In addition to Yaskawa associates, Yaskawa has provided repair training for a select group of specific partners.
Detailed Repair Report X ? Understanding what was tested and repaired is important to your machine’s life cycle. A detailed report is provided.
Original Customer Parameters Loaded X ? Yaskawa ensures your custom parameters are reloaded.
A detailed report is provided.
Encoders are Calibrated and Aligned to Factory Specification X ? Yaskawa does it right the first time. Encoders contain parameter information as well as motor type and serial number information. These encoders have to be programmed before they can be placed. Installing these encoders also requires special factory equipment to ensure that the home position is set properly. Many repair facilities do not have access to this special equipment.
Yaskawa Certified Testing Equipment X   Yaskawa’s Autotester is a production tester designed by the factory that ensures the equipment is tested, tuned, adjusted, and provides the latest factory upgrades to achieve the best performace after a repair is made. Other repair facilities do not have access to this type of test equipment.
Repairs Upgraded with Latest ECOs and Design Changes X   Yaskawa has a global database covering all changes.
Yaskawa Extended Repair Warranty X   Quality of process, parts, and people enables Yaskawa to provide the best warranty.
Repair Yaskawa Exclusively X   Some repair facilities claim or will try to repair anything.
Yaskawa repairs only its own products.
Repair Standards Based Upon Manufacturing X   Yaskawa’s detailed understanding of the production of your machine provides an optimal repair process.
Access to Yaskawa's Global Factory Parts Inventory X   Global online access to available parts helps maximize service to you.
Access to Board Level Schematics X   Online access to board level schematics helps maximize service to you.
Access to Largest Exchange Inventory to Augment Repair X   With 2,000,000 units sold annually, Yaskawa can provide back-up units to service you.
Access to Factory Engineers X   Design and production engineers are available for consultation.
Access to Global Repair Knowledgebase X   Online access to production and repair information helps us help you.