NS300 DeviceNet



Position Loop Update 250 usec
Dedicated Digital Inputs (6) 24 VDC optically isolated
Estop, Extp (Latch), Dec (home near), Zero (home), P-OT, N-OT (overtravel limit switch)
Dedicated Digital Outputs (9) 24VDC optically isolated
ALM (alarm out), S-RDY (servo-ready), BK (holding brake), COIN (in-position), 3 alarm codes, and 2 NOTCH (output based on position)
ALM, S-RDY, BK reconfigurable to five other functions
Auxiliary encoder Input (1) encoder input, 1 Mhz, A,B,C channel, Full closed loop (Position loop uses external encoder at load)
Encoder Output Scalable encoder position output
Serial Port (1) RS232 for setup only
DeviceNet Communication (1) DeviceNet port, I/O polling and explicit messages, 125, 250 , and 500 kbps, slave only
DeviceNet Conformance DeviceNet conformance tested, generic device
Motion Functions Four types of homing
Eight types of acceleration/deceleration
Separate setting for acceleration and deceleration
S-curve acceleration
Jogging (feeding)
Point-to-point positioning
Point table positioning (50 speed/position points)
Multispeed positioning
Registration positioning
Full closed loop (auxiliary encoder attached to load)
Global Safety Certifications UL, CUL, CE
Dimensions (w,h,d) 0.79 x 5.59 x 5.04 inches (20 x 142 x 128) mm
Weight 0.44 lbs (0.2 kg)
Vibration 4.9 m/s^2
Ambient Temperature 0-45 degrees C (32-113 degrees F)
Humidity Less than 90%, non-condensing
Power Supplied from the SGDH amplifier