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SGM7F Direct Drive

SGM7F Direct Drive

SGM7F-Direct-Drive - YAIMOB



SGM7F Direct Drive - Overview

Improves automation performance

  • Ideal for applications that require downsizing and a shorter takt time
  • High-speed, high-frequency positioning with minimal backlash and no gears
  • Low heat generation
  • 24-bit encoder for superior positional accuracy
  • High machine precision for runout at end of shaft and runout of shaft surface (0.01 mm)
  • Maximum speeds to 600 rpm

Easy Implementation

  • Pre-tapped mounting holes attach directly to the load
  • Totally enclosed, self-cooled
  • Multiple sizes available to suit existing mounting needs, performance requirements
  • Amplifier automatically recognizes the motor and optimizes parameters


  • Dial tables
  • Transfer lines
  • Die actuators
  • Electronic parts assembly
  • Print registration