D1000 Regenerative Converter

Input & Output

This array of option cards can extend the flexibility and adaptability of Yaskawa AC drives. These options may be factory installed or field installed.

Analog Outputs Option Card # & Mounting Location Installation Guide
(11 Bit + Sign)...Provides 2 signals for remote meetering of any two of the drive's "U1" monitors. These are in addition to the two standard analog outputs. Signal levels (individually selecable): 0 to ± 10 VDC (20kOhm). Output voltage resolution is 1/2048. AO-A3
CN5-A, B, or C
Digital Outputs Option Card # & Mounting Location Installation Manual
(8 Channels)...Provides 8 additional digital outputs for use in monitoring the status outputs of the drive. Signal levels: 2 channels of Form A, 250 VAC, 30 VDC, 1 A and 6 channels of PHC, 48 VDC, 50 mADC, Shared Common. DO-A3
CN5-A, B, or C