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MP2300 - Overview

Item Specification
Maximum Axes 48
Electronic Cam Functionality Cams can be created via formula or pre-calculated profiles only limited by controller memory, allowing approx. 30,000 points. Unlimited virtual and real masters, dynamic profile adjustment, dynamic cam profile curve fitting with position and velocity matching, phase shift of the master or follower. Included with MotionWorks™ is a cam generation tool, offering 25 selectable cam profiles and 4096 interpolated master/follower pairs
Expandable I/O Literally hundreds of Mechatrolink-II network nodes and third party Mechatrolink-II I/O modules
Hardware Configuration Up to three modules
Memory 2 Mb internal Flash
Motion Homing, Jogging, Point-to-point, Registration, Contouring, Gearing, Cam Profiling, Linear, Circular, and Helical Interpolation
Motion Interface Mechatrolink-II high speed deterministic network, analog speed reference, or pulse and direction signals
Network Connectivity Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP, Serial Memobus, Token Ring, DeviceNet master or slave, and Profibus slave
PC/HMI Communication RS-232/422/485, Ethernet, Third Party OPC Server via Modbus TCP
Processor Speed 166 MHz
Configuration Automatic configuration of the controller rack and devices connected to the Mechatrolink-II network
Servo Update Rate The Mechatrolink-II network module updates 3 axes in 0.5 ms, 8 axes in 1 ms or 16 axes in 2 ms The servo amplifier interpolates network data further, providing a position loop update of 125 µs
Software MotionWorks™ - Ladder logic, text, or function blocks for process and motion control, text based motion up to 256 motion programs, 1 ms high speed scan synchronized with motion, low speed scan for machine I/O, full oscilloscope, system monitoring, password protection, cam generation tool