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Sigma-7Siec - YAI


Models & Ratings

Sigma-7Siec - Overview

100V Input

Part Number
Rated Output
SGD7S-R70FM0A000F50 50W
SGD7S-R90FM0A000F50 100W
SGD7S-2R1FM0A000F50 200W
SGD7S-2R8FM0A000F50 400W

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200V Input

Part Number
Rated Output
SGD7S-R70AM0A000F50 50W
SGD7S-R90AM0A000F50 100W
SGD7S-1R6AM0A000F50 200W
SGD7S-2R8AM0A000F50 400W
SGD7S-3R8AM0A000F50 500W
SGD7S-5R5AM0A000F50 750W
SGD7S-7R6AM0A000F50 1.0kW
SGD7S-120AM0A000F50 1.5kW
SGD7S-180AM0A000F50 2.0kW
SGD7S-200AM0A000F50 3.0kW
SGD7S-330AM0A000F50 5.0kW
SGD7S-470AM0A000F50 6.0kW
SGD7S-550AM0A000F50 7.5kW
SGD7S-590AM0A000F50 11kW
SGD7S-780AM0A000F50 15kW

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200V Input with FT82 Option (Support SGM7D Motors)

Part Number
Rated Output
SGD7S-R70AM0A000F82 50W
SGD7S-R90AM0A000F82 100W
SGD7S-1R6AM0A000F82 200W
SGD7S-2R8AM0A000F82 400W
SGD7S-3R8AM0A000F82 500W
SGD7S-5R5AM0A000F82 750W
SGD7S-7R6AM0A000F82 1.0kW
SGD7S-120AM0A000F82 1.5kW
SGD7S-180AM0A000F82 2.0kW
SGD7S-200AM0A000F82 3.0kW
SGD7S-330AM0A000F50 5.0kW
SGD7S-470AM0A000F82 6.0kW
SGD7S-550AM0A000F82 7.5kW
SGD7S-590AM0A000F82 11kW
SGD7S-780AM0A000F82 15kW

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400V Input

Part Number
Rated Output
SGD7S-1R9DM0B000F50 500W
SGD7S-3R5DM0B000F50 1.0kW
SGD7S-5R4DM0B000F50 1.5kW
SGD7S-8R4DM0B000F50 2.0kW
SGD7S-120DM0B000F50 3.0kW
SGD7S-170DM0B000F50 5.0kW
SGD7S-210DM0B000F50 6.0kW
SGD7S-260DM0B000F50 7.5kW
SGD7S-280DM0B000F50 11kW
SGD7S-370DM0B000F50 15kW

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