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Sigma-7Siec - YAI



Sigma-7Siec - Overview

Control Method IGBT-based PWM control, sine wave current drive

With Rotary Servomotor
Serial encoder:
20 bits or 24 bits (incremental encoder/absolute encoder)
22 bits (absolute encoder)

With Linear Servomotor
Absolute linear encoder (The signal resolution depends on the absolute linear encoder.)
Incremental linear encoder (The signal resolution depends on the incremental linear encoder or Serial Converter Unit.)

Applicable Standards Compliance with UL Standards, EU Directives and Other Safety Standards
Applicable Option Modules Fully-closed Modules and Safety Modules
Note: You cannot use a Fully-closed Module and a Safety Module together

Speed Control Range:
1:5000 (At the rated torque, the lower limit of the speed control range must not cause the Servomotor to stop.)

Coefficient of Speed:
Fluctuation+/- 0.01% of rated speed max. (for a load fluctuation of 0% to 100%)
0% of rated speed max. (for a voltage fluctuation of ±10%)
+/- 0.1% of rated speed max. (for a temperature fluctuation of 25°C ±25°C

)Torque Control Precision:
+/- 1%

Soft Start Time Setting:
0 s to 10 s (Can be set separately for acceleration and deceleration.)

Displays/Indicators CHARGE, PWR, CN, RUN, ERR, and L/A (A and B) indicators, and one-digit seven-segment display
Environmental Conditions

Surrounding Air Temperature:
-5°C to 55°C (With derating, usage is possible between 55°C and 60°C.)

Storage Temperature:
-20° to 85°C

Surrounding Air Humidity:
-95% relative humidity max. (with no freezing or condensation)

Storage Humidity:
95% relative humidity max. (with no freezing or condensation)

Vibration Resistance:
4.9 m/s2

Shock Resistance:
19.6 m/s2

Pollution Degree:
Must be no corrosive or flammable gases.
Must be no exposure to water, oil, or chemicals.
Must be no dust, salts, or iron dust.

1,000 m or less. (With derating, usage is possible between 1,000 m and 2,000 m.)

Analog Monitor (CN5) Number of points: 2
Output voltage range: ±10 VDC (effective linearity range: ±8 V)
Resolution: 16 bits
Accuracy: ±20 mV (Typ)
Maximum output current: ±10 mA
Settling time (±1%): 1.2 ms (Typ)
Dynamic Brake (DB) Activated when a servo alarm or overtravel (OT) occurs, or when the power supply to the main circuit or servo is OFF.
Protective Functions Overcurrent, overvoltage, low voltage, overload, regeneration error , etc.