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Yaskawa Motor Warranty Administration

Motors listed in this catalog are built by Marathon Electric Mfg. Corp. and carry a Yaskawa nameplate. Marathon Electric is responsible for warranty of these products.

Standard Warranty Period – Marathon Electric warrants Fractional and Integral motors to be free from defects in materials and workmanship and to conform to Marathon/Yaskawa written Specifications.

Dripproof, Totally Enclosed, PowerWash XT Motors – 12 months from date of first use or 18 months from date of manufacture, whichever period shall expire first.

MicroMax, Black Max, Blue Max, and Blue Chip XRI – 36 months from date of first use or 42 months from date of manufacture, whichever period shall expire first.

Warranty Repairs – Marathon Electric maintains a relationship with independent “Authorized Service Stations” worldwide. These organizations have demonstrated their knowledge and skills in the proper service of products manufactured By Marathon Electric for Yaskawa Electric. These factory “Authorized Service Stations” are the
preferred local service outlets should service assistance or repair be required on Yaskawa motors built by Marathon Electric. A list of authorized service stations can be found in Marathon Electric Bulletin SB112L or at www.marathonelectric.com.

Authorized Service Stations are familiar with Marathon Electric products and procedures. Information they require is sent directly to them. Should the need arise for special information or assistance, they have a direct line of communication with the factory service department.

In most cases Authorized Service Stations can provide repairs under Marathon’s warranty. If the product is within the published warranty guidelines and your believe the failure is warrantable – PLEASE INFORM THE AUTHORIZED SERVICE STATION AT THE TIME OF INTIAL CONTACT! Because the Authorized Service Station is required to follow warranty procedures, you may be asked, before they proceed with the repair, to provide details regarding the installation and failure – such as date purchased, date installed, date failed, hours in service, type of driven equipment, protective devices used, etc. If proper warranty procedures are not followed, it may not be possible to file or delay a warranty claim.

Factory Service Department – In some cases it may become necessary to return product to the point of manufacture for failure analysis and correction. The Authorized Service Station will assist with this process. They will contact Marathon directly if factory involvement is necessary.

If needed, Marathon Electric may be contacted for all warranty issues at:

100 East Randolph Street, P.O. Box 8003
Wausau, WI 54402-8003
PH: 715-675-3311