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GA800 Drive

GA800 Drive

GA800 Drive - YAIALL


Input & Output

GA800 - Options

This array of option cards can extend the flexibility and adaptability of Yaskawa AC drives.

Analog Inputs Option Card # & Mounting Location Installation Manual
High resolution inputs This option provides 3 high resolution (13-bit signed) analog inputs. It can be set-up to replace the standard multi-function analog inputs to the drive or used as a combined frequency reference to the drive. The inputs can handle 0 - 10 Vdc, -10 Vdc to +10 Vdc, or 4 - 20 mA. AI-A3
CN5-A, B, or C
Digital Inputs Option Card # & Mounting Location Installation Guide
120VAC Logic Interface (8-input)...Mounts directly to the control terminal block on the drive and allows the use of 120 VAC control logic circuits to produce multi-function control input signals for the drive. Used for digital inputs S1 to S8. DI-101
Terminal Strip
Multi-function or speed reference inputs This option provides an additional 16 multi-function digital inputs or speed reference through binary-coded decimal (BCD). For BCD, it can be programmed to handle a 2, 3, or 4 digital BCD. DI-A3
CN5-A, B, or C
Analog Outputs Option Card # & Mounting Location Installation Guide
High resolution outputs This option provides 2 high-resolution (11-bit signed) analog outputs that are in addition to the standard analog outputs. The analog outputs can provide a 0 - 10 Vdc or -10 Vdc to +10 Vdc signal. AO-A3
CN5-A, B, or C
Digital Outputs Option Card # & Mounting Location Installation Manual
Multi-function outputs This option provides 8 additional digital outputs for discrete monitoring of the drive. It contains two form A relays and 6 open-collector outputs with a share common. DO-A3
CN5-A, B, or C