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USB Copy Unit for 1000 Series Drives

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USB Copy Unit
Model Number Mounting Location Description Technical Manual Installation Guide
USB Copy Stick
JVOP-181 RJ-45 port Allows a 1000 series drive to connect to the USB port on a PC. Can read, copy and verify drive parameter settings from one drive to another like drive.
JVOP-181 Kit Contents:
USB Copy Unit (Y-Stick)
1 ft USB Cable to connect PC to Y-Stick
3 ft Cable with RJ-45 connector on both ends to connect Y-Stick to drive
Technical Manual (TOBPC73060025)

Note: This driver is required to be installed on the PC before the Y-stick can be used.
TOBPC73060025 IG.V1000.01
CopyUnitManager PC Software
CopyUnitManager is a PC software program that works along with the Y-Stick Copy Unit (JVOP-181) that allows the user to transfer and save parameter files from the Y-Stick to a PC and vice versa. The CopyUnitManager software can be used to save parameter files for a variety of drive sizes and parameter configurations. Simply configure the drive parameters, transfer them to the Y-Stick Copy Unit, then save them to your PC for backup or for quickly downloading multiple drives.

Download Software (5.9MB)

System Requirements
  • PC: PC/AT DOS/V Compatible machine
  • CPU: Pentium II Processor 2GHz, 3GHz or more recommended
  • Memory: 512MB, 1GB or more recommended
  • Hard Disk Capacity: More than 400MB
  • Operating System: WindowsXP SP2, Windows2000 SP4