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Sigma SD Spindle Drive

Sigma SD Spindle Drive

Sigma SD Spindle Drive



Sigma SD Spindle Drive - Overview

Sigma SD spindle drives are at work in the machining industry's most sophisticated equipment, thanks to an extra productivity edge that today's manufacturing leaders can't do without. The superior precision of high-bandwidth design is coupled with easy integration of an analog or EtherCAT interface. A uniform block configuration makes SD easier to install, and a full regen power converter reduces cabinet size, cabinet heat and energy usage.

  • Wide power range
    Up to 45kW in 200VAC. Up to 22kW in 400VAC.
  • High frequency, high bandwidth drive
    Advanced control technology increases amplifier response for greater precision in speed control, shortening cutting times, boosting throughput and maximizing productivity.
  • Analog or EtherCAT interface
    Easy integration with the control networks common on existing machining systems
  • Easy Installation
    Block configuration, unified heights and front covers make converters easy to organize and install in control panels
  • Full regen power converter
    Conserves power to cut energy bills, reduce cabinet size and heat
  • Gain Switching
    Creates easier transitions between gain levels, improving spindle orient function and enhancing rigid tapping performance
  • SigmaWin+ interface
    Yaskawa's proven engineering tool easily creates motor settings and trace data, checks I/O signals and edits parameters