GA800 Configured

Model Number Key

  1. Option F is not allowed with options E,C,J, or M for the following 480 V package models because input fusing is automatically included:
    G8C1B007 - G8C1B720, G8C2B065 - G8C2B720, G8C3B180 - G8C3B720
    G8C4B004 - G8C4B590, G8C5B052 - G8C5B590, G8C6B156 - G8C6B590
  2. Options J and L not allowed together.
  3. Type 3R enclosures only.
  4. Not available for Type 3R enclosures.
  5. 3% Bus reactors are only available as an option on small ratings - see table; large drives have a bus reactor as standard.
  6. If no option from Group 1 or Group 3 is selected, then both options from Group 2 may be selected.
    If no option from Group 1 is selected, then ALL options from Group 2 and Group 3 may be selected.
    Select anything from Group 4, regardless of other group selections.