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GA800 Drive Quick Setup Procedure and ON-SITE Videos for Small Frames

GA800 Drive Quick Setup Procedure and ON-SITE Videos for Small Frames

GA800 Quick Start Procedure
The step numbers in the table correspond to step numbers in Yaskawa document TOEPC71061748. This document is packaged with GA800 AC Drive models GA80U2004-2211 and GA80U4002-4168.

 Playlist Step/Description/Video Title
Yaskawa ON-SITE (GA800 Quick Setup 1)
Playlist supports specific procedures contained within the GA800 Quick Setup Procedure (No. TOEPC71061748). 
STEP 6: Panel Mount the Drive
How to mount a GA800 drive to a panel.
(No. VP.GA800.05)
STEPS 7-13: Wire and Energize
How to wire line power and a motor to the GA800 drive.
(No. VP.GA800.07)
STEP 14: Set LOCAL/Jog Motor
How to spin/jog a motor using the keypad on the GA800 drive.
(No. VP.GA800.03)
STEP C: Run Motor at Desired Speed from Keypad
How to run the motor from the keypad at a desired speed.
(No. VP.GA800.01)
Yaskawa ON-SITE (GA800 How-to...)
Additional playlist for all GA800 How-to videos that show how to maintain, program, adjust and use the many features of Yaskawa's GA800 AC Drive.
GA800: Set the Date & Time on the Drive
How to set the date and time on the GA800 drive's keypad.
(No. VP.GA800.04)
GA800: How to View Modified Parameters
How to view the Modified Parameters on a GA800 drive.
(No. VP.GA800.02)

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